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22 Ways To Find Great Content Ideas With High Business Value

Writer’s block can keep you from coming up with great content ideas that your readers love.  If you are struggling to write your next blog post, you need to read this article.  It will get your creative juices flowing so that the content ideas just come flying in.

Address Pain Points

What problems does your target audience face? Create content that solves those problems. You might need to do some market research. This is one of the best ways to come up with content ideas because it provides enormous value to readers. 

Research Forums and Social Media

There are tons of great content ideas that you can get from your audience. Find where your target audience likes to spend time online so that you can discover what content they need.


Quora can give you an idea of what your target market wants to know. Search for a topic that’s related to your business or industry and see what questions your target market is asking about that topic.  You can create content that answers those questions.

Social Media Groups

Some social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, have groups where like-minded people can talk about what interests them. 

Search for groups that are relevant to your business or industry. You might find some more questions from your target audience that you could answer with your content.

Social Media Followers

If your business is on social media, start posting questions that will cause your followers to provide content ideas. You could ask them what they struggle with the most or what their biggest dreams are. Think of other questions that could lead to content ideas.   


Following hashtags keeps you up to date on what’s popular in your industry. When you know what’s on everyone’s mind, you can come up with content ideas that will attract attention.

YouTube Videos

Look for popular YouTube videos that are related to your industry. Use these videos as inspiration for your own content creation. Look for videos that have lots of views, comments, shares, and likes. 


Find influencers in your industry on Instagram. Start following them so that you can keep an eye on what their audience is saying. You might find plenty of great content ideas using this strategy.

Content Ideas


Get Inspired by Competitors

Although you should never copy what your competitors are doing, they can inspire you. There are several ways to sneak a peek at the competition.

Look at Their Blog Posts 

Use the following tactics to come up with content ideas:

  • Put your own spin on topics your competition has already addressed. Try to make your content better than their content.
  • See if there are any topics they fail to discuss. You can create content that handles those topics.
  • Look at BuzzSumo to find out which of their blog posts are most popular. Let that be a guide for which topics will get the most attention from your target audience.

Look at Their Website’s FAQs 

See a great question with an answer that could be lengthened into a blog post? Go ahead and do it yourself! Take a question that your competitor tried to quickly answer on an FAQ page and create an in-depth explanation.

Use Real-Life Situations and Lessons

Your own life experiences may help you come up with fresh content ideas. Consider using one of the approaches below.    

What Lessons Have You Learned?

You couldn’t have made it this far in life without picking up a few lessons along the way. Whether it was a trial that made you stronger or wisdom passed down by your grandmother, these lessons could provide content ideas if they would also help your audience.

Talk about Your Victories!

This isn’t an excuse to boast. Letting your readers know how you became successful can help them navigate their own paths to success. Describe what actions you took to reach your goals and how you handled unexpected obstacles that came your way. 

Don’t Hide Your Failures…

This probably isn’t as easy as writing about what you’ve done well, but your readers will appreciate your honesty. They will also find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggles. Remember to point out the lessons that can be learned from your failures.

Let Google Help You Find Content Ideas

Here’s how you can use Google to find content ideas.

Google Suggestions

Google’s search box suggests what to search based on what you’ve already typed, revealing what your target marketing is looking for on the internet. If you haven’t created any content on those topics yet, get started now.

Related Searches

After searching, scroll to the bottom of the search results page to find related searches. These are good indications of what your target audience is searching for. Find ways to create content around those topics.

Marketing Ideas


Look at Your Own Blog

When trying to think of new content ideas, don’t forget to look at your blog.

Blog Analytics

Check your blog’s analytics to find out which posts are most popular. Although you don’t want to repeat what you’ve already done, you can take a different approach to topics you’ve previously written about or dive a little deeper than you did before.   

Revitalize Old Posts

Are there any posts that have become outdated? Or maybe you’ve acquired more knowledge that could be added to one of your old posts. 

Start updating those pieces of content. The best blog posts to update are those that already get a good amount of traffic. 

Look at Your Blog’s Comments

Maybe your readers have already given you some content ideas in their comments. They might have requested blog posts on specific topics or asked questions that could be answered with a blog post. Take a look at your blog’s comments to see if they contain any content ideas.

These strategies for finding content ideas will help you get through your struggle with writer’s block. Use them whenever you are running short on ideas and don’t have a clue about what to create next.   

But if you don’t have the time or desire to come up with content ideas yourself, contact us for help! We can make your content marketing plan a success.

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