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Top 7 Best Keyword Rank Tracker For SEO In 2020

Rank trackers are at the center of search engine optimization calculations. Rank trackers analyze raw data and present you with clean and refined information about the status of your web pages concerning a given keyword/keyword combination.

However, some people may question that if one can type in a keyword as a search query and check the availability of their website, rank trackers become redundant.

In fact, this is a very bad and non-recommendable way to check your page rankings as any search engine will show you a more personalized search engine result.

That being said, let’s take a look at what some of the top keyword rank trackers for 2020


SEMrush can be roughly called the best rank tracker for the past decade as it provides you more than rank tracking services. Its hallmark Position Tracking Tool helps you track your position for any given keyword.

Also, you can find competitors in your area and collectivize your keywords in various groups with tags.

Using SEMrush is easy. Enter your website address/domain name and the target keywords.

Although SEMrush is a free rank tracking tool, you can avail of its paid services with its basic Pro, Guru, and Business plans costing you $99.95, $199.95, and $399.95 per month respectively.

Moz Pro Rank Checker

The Pro Rank Checker by Moz is another great rank tracking tool. It operates in a way bit different manner than others. It collects the ranking data of a page and stores it so that it can be compared comfortably later on.

You can calibrate the amount of data you want to analyze and track over any given period and check whether your efforts are bringing real change.

Besides, this keyword rank tracker supports most of the popular search engines apart from Google, such as Yahoo and Bing. You can check your rankings locally as well as globally.


This keyword rank tracker provides you with a collection of tools for improving the SEO health of your website.

Once, it used to be the best rank tracker that allowed websites to monitor their rankings over duration.

You can also compare the SEO performance of your website with your competitors and receive scheduled reports in your inbox. It allows you to track both your desktop as well as mobile/tablet rankings.

Ahrefs provides you with 4 levels of pricing. The Lite version allows you access to all sets of tools and is good enough for personal projects and costs you $99 a month. On the other hand, the Standard, Advanced and Agency packages will cost you $179, $399 and $999 a month.


This position tracker can track not only universal SERPs but also local and mobile keyword results. CognitiveSEO also provides instant alerts for any changes taking place in SERPs.

It offers you two main plans. The Starter plan will cost you $129.99 for a month.

The other one is the Business Plan, which is suitable for small and medium enterprises, businesses, and agencies. However, you can also ask for a customized quote.


RankRanger‘s rank tracker algorithm helps you monitor your website rankings for more than 500 search engines globally.

This includes local rankings, global rankings, and mobile rankings, as well as get access to daily ranking reports.

This position tracker provides you extra insights such as snapshots of the latest SERPs. Its basic plan costs $69 per month, and the Standard and Pro plans will cost you $119 and $399, respectively.


This rank tracker helps you check your rankings across search engines and web services such as Google, Google Play, App Store, and App Store.

What separates Topvisor from others is the feature that it allows you to check your rankings based on device, location, and even language. And obviously, it always offers you SERP snapshots.

The tool offers you a variety of monthly plans, ranging from free to $599.

Pro Rank Tracker

This is one of the best rank tracker tools who prefer to prefer smooth tracking of keywords in the SERPs. You get the abstract picture of your page rankings in the SERPs from popular search engines and websites on all devices. Also, this tool helps you to improve your SEO, as well.

The plans provided by Pro Rank come in a variety. Pro Rank Tracker will cost you $25 for a month.

The Start plan will cost you only $49 a month. However, if you want to track 1000 keywords, the Standard plan is advisable, with $89 per month.

On the other hand, the Advanced plan can track 2000 keywords and cost you $129 per month. If you are looking for something big, go for the Business plan that will track between 1000 to 3000 keywords.

Conclusion About Rank Trackers

Search engine optimization cannot be compromised if you want to propel your website to the forefront of search results.

If you have a beginner’s pet project, you can go for the free or low-cost plans, but you should go for the business plans if you want to make your full-fledged business website to be seen across search platforms.

Do not cut corners if you want a high-quality SEO analysis for your website. For sure, you will find high-quality SEO tools when you are ready to spend the big dime.

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